Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Law

• Commercial contracts
• Incorporation of companies with local/ foreign capital (capital in kind/ in cash)
• Increase/ decrease of capital
• Foreign capital transfer
• Preparation of articles of incorporation and shareholders agreements
• Performance of the general assembly and the board of directors’ operations
• Preparation and negotiation of various contracts including letter of intent, share transfer, partnership, confidentiality, purchase and sale, guaranty and legal opinion regarding those.
• Legal assistance in making the necessary application to official institutions and obtaining permits
• Liquidation procedures
• Legal consultancy and resolution of disputes in state courts/ by arbitration
• Property and liability insurance
• Corporate finance law
• Cross-Border commercial transactions
• Law of carriage by land, by sea
• Litigation

Mergers and Acquisitions

• Obtaining permission from the competition authority
• Letter of intent
• Confidentiality agreement
• Memorandum of understanding
• Disclosure letter
• Legal due diligence report
• Data room
• Share transfer agreement
• Trust deed and contract of guaranty
• Shareholders agreement
• Earn-out agreement
• Legal transactions regarding the establishment and liquidation of companies, branches and Liaison offices
• Litigation

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

• Execution proceedings and collection of receivables
• Postponement of bankruptcy/bankruptcy proceedings
• Litigation proceedings regarding execution and bankruptcy law

Law of Obligations

• Contract preparation, negotiation and legal consultancy
Deef of gift

  1. Lease agreement
  2. Employment contract
  3. Loan agreement
  4. Agreement for work
  5. Contract of surety
  6. Exclusive distributorship agreement
  7. Confidentiality agreement
  8. Pledge agreement

• Preparation of rental agreements, negotiating and legal consultancy
• Management of contractual obligations
• Litigation

Employment and Social Security Law

• Drafting and preparing all types of employment contracts
• Personnel regulation
• Employee’s and employer’s rights and obligations in business life
• Forms and consequences of termination of employment contracts
• Rescission, reemployment lawsuits and action for compensation
• Prohibition of competition
• Union rights with respect to employees’ and employers
• Workplace safety
• Principal employer and subcontractor relationships
• Rights and obligations of the employees and the employers in transfer/ merger
• Organizational restructuring of companies
• Litigation

Intellectual Property Law

• Trademark protection
• Similar trademark objections
• Copyright
• Prevention of unfair competition and claim for pecuniary/ non-pecuniary damages
• Legal support clients in the process of objection and cancellation
• Legal consultancy and litigation regarding trademark and patent

Capital Market Law

• Contract preparation regarding capital market law and regulations
• Capital market operations and incorporation of capital market institutions
• Compliance to capital market regulations and regulatory consultancy
• Legal support in official correspondence with relevant organizations
• IPO brokerage contract preparation, legal consultancy and litigation
• Legal due diligence report for offering circular
• Principles relating to public disclosure
• Mergers and acquisitions involving public companies
• Administrative, commercial and penal litigation

Consumer Law

• Preparation of E-commerce and relevant agreements in compliance with regulations
• Resolution of disputes with regard to consumer law
• Litigation including private enforcement and compensation of damages caused by violation of competition law

Immigration Law

• Recognition and enforcement of private and commercial foreign court decisions in Turkey
• Incorporation and operation of foreign-owned companies
• Legal support in private international law
• Legal support to foreign companies and individuals in purchasing real estate in Turkey
• Legal support to foreigners in the process of getting and extending work permit, residence permit
• Legal support to foreigners in their application to acquire Turkish citizenship
• Legal support to foreigners in inheritance law in Turkey
• Divorce cases of foreigners in Turkey
• Legal support to foreigners in getting their diploma equivalency in Turkey

National and International Arbitration

• National and international commercial arbitration
• Investment arbitration
• Preparation of the arbitration agreement and insertion of arbitration clause in commercial contracts
• Preparing and presenting the case before arbitrators
• Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in Turkey and abroad
• Representing our clients before arbitral institutions
• Act as an independent arbitrator when requested